The Bridewell Showcase Cast

Catesby leads the conspirators

Cast List:

Robin Catesby
Anne Vaux
Guy Fawkes
Father Henry Garnet
Robert Cecil
King James I
Jane Finwood
Nicholas Owen
Tom Wintour
Lady Elizabeth Monteagle
Lord William Monteagle
Susan Whynniard

Played by:
Peter Walsh
Heather Weir
Gavin James
Brian Saccente
Glen Wallace
Daniel Boys
Rhian Gwyn
Ed Littlewood
Mark Wright
Allison Karayanes
Ben Newhouse-Smith
Nova Skipp

Other Plotters and People of London
Paul Charlton, Andrea Colley, Jamie Collins, Sarah Croft, Jon de Mallet Morgan, Lucy Montgomery, Richard J Piatt, Polli Redston

Guy Fawkes, Robin Catesby and Thomas Wintour

Guy Fawkes and Robert Cecil

Daniel Boys as King James 1st in new musical Remember Remember
Robert Cecil and King James I

Susan Whynniard and Thomas Wintour