The Promised Land

The Promised Land provides a brief look into the history of Jerusalem over the last 3000 years. A land where both joy and pain have lived together and where legend and fact have merged into one. During its history, Jerusalem has seen many religions grow and is now a place of reverence for three of the world’s major religious beliefs: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

In writing the show, we have found ourselves facing the difficult task of trying to fit 3000 years into the space of just one hour. We have therefore had to select historical times which we felt were the significant turning points in the Country’s history. In doing so we may have missed out many facts which others find equally interesting and significant and for this we apologise.

The generations which have been born, grown and died in Jerusalem over the millennia are represented in The Promised Land by a single family. Their story - the story of the people of Jerusalem - is told to us with the assistance of a narrator and who better than King David, as it was he who first founded Jerusalem as a home for his Jewish people. Their faith is the faith of the Jewish people, which has endured longer than even the city itself.

We hope that as Jerusalem faces another turning point in its history that our all too brief look at the last 3000 years is a fitting tribute to the city once known as the Centre of the World.


Listen to extracts from a selection of the songs:

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