Make a Guy Fawkes Hat

Download instructions in Word format

You will need:
Black Card, Silver or Grey Card, Coloured Paper
Scissors and Glue

Step 1
Take a piece of black card and roll it around your head into a tube shape. Glue the two edges together.

Step 2
Draw around the top of the tube to create a circle for the top of your hat. Cut out the circle.

Step 3
Cut eight small strips of black card, then fold the strips in half. Use the strips to attach the circle to the top of the tube, by gluing one half to the inside of the tube and the other half to the inside of the circle

Step 4
Cut out a large circle for the rim of your hat. Place the tube in the middle of the circle and draw round it. Cut out the small circle, so that the rim can sit on your head.

Step 5
Repeat step 3, but use the eight strips to attach the rim to the tube.

Step 6
On grey or silver card, draw the shape of a buckle. Cut it out and glue it to the front of your hat.

Step 7
Take a piece of coloured paper and draw the shape of a feather. Cut it out.

Step 8
Fold the feather in half and make lots of small cuts, from the top of the feather down to the stalk. Be careful not to cut all the way through

Step 9
Open the feather. Stick it to the side of your hat.

Step 10
Your hat is now ready to wear!


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